A project of life and heart

Visionary, enthusiastic, pioneering . When Elisabetta Massaro and her daughters, Caterina and Mercedes Turgi Prosperi, fell in love with Montelauro in 2001, Apulia was very different from today's world-renowned and popular tourist destination.

"Girls, are we really doing this?" It was enough to look into each other's eyes to realize that that life and work project had a big heart.

Stubbornness, tenacity, a pinch of recklessness and a lot of good taste transformed, in two years of work, a late 19th century ruin into one of the finest and most renowned luxury accommodations in Southern Italy.

Together, things come better

Elisabetta manages public relations, Caterina the administrative side, Mercedes the commercial side. An all-female teamwork, enhanced by the irreplaceable figures of the Director Renato, the maintenance man Titian and our historical collaborators and helpers, whom you will happen to meet while they are offering you a second coffee at breakfast, at the poolside to hand you a refreshing drink, in the vegetable garden, the olive grove or in the gardens they take care of with love and dedication.

The value of welcoming

At Masseria Montelauro you will find a sacred sense of hospitality, a love of detail, a deep respect for nature and animals, and the belief that true luxury lies in simplicity and the time we devote to caring for relationships. These are the values our family has always believed in, the ones we try to pass on through our work every day.