A unique experience in a Salento farmhouse

Discover a place where the beauty of the Apulian countryside meets the refined taste of an authentic structure with attention to every detail. Close to Otranto, the "gateway to the East" overlooking the crystal clear waters of Salento, Masseria Montelauro is the perfect choice for a relaxing vacation discovering the nature and flavors of an unforgettable land.
Among Salento's masserias, Montelauro's history is unique. A meeting place for monks from nearby abbeys that later became an ancient herbalist's shop, the current structure is the result of a careful renovation project, which, in 2001, recovered the truest soul of the places and the essential beauty of these typical rural buildings.

Our values
What sets us apart

Salento is the land of sun and sea. But also of olive groves and orchards, interrupted from time to time by the simple and rigorous architecture of a masseria.

Our essence
Rooms & Suites

29 rooms, four types, one stylistic signature: the Salento artisan tradition. Beds, canopies, bedside tables and lamps are handmade by local businesses following the ancient art of wrought iron. And so for the wooden closets and trunks, salvaged from ancient dwellings and restored with passion.

Montelauro's restaurant

For our guests, but not only. Our Fimmine Restaurant is a hymn to women, creativity and care for good things. Mother Earth from Salento gives us products and raw materials that our chefs transform into dishes that are always new. In fact, our menu is always different. Vegetables, fruits and oil come from our vegetable garden, while for grains, cheeses, meat and fish we prefer Km Zero and small local producers. A choice of sustainability aimed at enhancing Salento's biodiversity, but also to ensure you taste the most genuine flavor of our land.

A lovely place in absolute relaxation

Just 2 km from the Otranto coast, there where time seems to stand still, where the light dazzles you and where Mediterranean scents intoxicate you. The Salento`s hinterland is an area waiting to be discovered, cradle of millenary traditions and culture. A place dotted with small authentic villages that have stories to tell among romantic peeling walls and narrow streets.